Computer Kids got its start as a simple program that would help my daughter associate words with pictures. She loved it and that gave me an idea. I bet there were parents that would love to use Computer Kids to help their children in the same way as I did.

Computer Kids works very simply. It has a database of pictures that come up on the screen in a variety of ways. As the picture displays a voice (my voice) speaks the word to the viewer. I expanded on some options that let you select specific categories to view and delays between viewing and hearing the word. I have just added a sign language feature for children that are hearing impaired.

This is a work in progress and I have created the program so you can create your own libraries of pictures and sounds. The initial download will include a few starter libraries (Foods, Everyday Items and Numbers) but you can add additional libraries such as; Alphabet, Animals, Signs, Weather, Colors, Shapes, etc.

I would be interested in your feedback regarding this program and suggestions you might have for its improvement. Yes I am offering this program free of charge, no strings attached. Why? Because I believe there is a time to give something away just like there is a time to make a profit. I hope in that same spirit, children all over can benefit from Computer Kids. Enjoy!

Downloading Computer Kids and additional libraries
Windows 95/98/NT/XP
Macintosh OS 9/OS X
Computer Kids Program - Includes Foods, Everyday Items & Numbers libraries. - 7.0 M compkids.sea.hqx - 10.1 M
Alphabet Library, including sign language - 1.4 M alphabet.FP3.sea.hqx - 2.0 M
Animals Library - 4.6 M animals.FP3.sea.hqx - 6.4 M
Everyday Items Library - 2.0 M everyday.FP3.sea.hqx - 3.0 M
Foods Library - 2.4 M foods.FP3.sea.hqx - 3.5 M
Numbers Library - 500K numbers.FP3.sea.hqx - 900 K
Places Library - 1.3 M places.FP3.sea.hqx - 1.8 M
Signs Library - 100K signs.FP3.sea.hqx - 200 K
Transportation Library - 2.6 M transpor.FP3.sea.hqx - 3.5 M
Weather Library - 500K weather.FP3.sea.hqx - 700 K

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